Frequently Asked Questions


Ques: I want to know about GateBiotech Support Team.

Answer: GateBiotech (owned by Astravida LifeSciences) Support team members are a part of our international “Social group of academic and research professionals” with outstanding career, knowledge and expertise in theory, research as well as in troubleshooting. Our each support team member have a minimum 10 years of research and academic experience.  All the support members are selected by GateBiotech from our social group. GateBiotech has responsibility to provide best support on the given time. None of our support team member is charging anything for their support but we are charging a small amount to maintain our technical support.


Ques: How to know about GateBiotech Support Team members and their name?

Answer: GateBiotech Support team is an "Social group of academic and research professionals" and we are bounded with our privacy policy so we cannot disclose their name.


Ques: How to be a part of GateBiotech Support team?

Answer: Our “Social Group of academic and research professional” membership requires recommendation of our any existing team member.


Ques: What is Self-Evaluation Test?

Answer: Before and after attempting Trial Test Series / Complete Test Series, you can evaluate your knowledge about the subject by participating in GateBiotech Self-Evaluation Tests.


Ques: What is Trial Test Series/ Complete Test Series?

Answer: GateBiotech Trial Test Series is the glimpse of Complete Test Series. You can experience our question pattern and support system before buying GateBiotech Complete Test Series.

Note: GateBiotech Trial Test Series support will be limited to detailed solutions of it’s questions.


Ques: How can I enroll for Trial Test Series?

Answer: Click here fill the enrollment form and submit. After submission, you will get an e-mail with login id, password and URL of our Trial Test Series. (Due to heavy traffic, it may take up to 12 hrs).  


Ques: How to enroll for GateBiotech Test Series?

Answer:  Go to GateBiotech Test Series, make payment with your selected payment option. After successful payment, you will receive email with payment receipt. We will email and SMS your login id, Password for GateBiotech Test Series.


Ques: Why Should I enroll as soon as possible for GateBiotech Test Series?

Answer: We have limited number of seats for GateBiotech Test Series.


Ques: What is the complete procedure to login for GateBiotech Complete Test Series?

Answer: To know step by step procedure, click here


Ques: What is the complete procedure to login for GateBiotech Test Series?

Answer: To know step by step procedure, click here


Ques: What if I face any technical difficulty related to enrollment, login id, password etc.?

Answer: For any type of technical difficulty, we are providing instant chat support so you will not have to waste your time, you may also write us at [email protected] or write us.